Schedule a free 20-minute call to meet me and tell me about what kind of help you are looking for. I will then tell you about my process and services and recommend the best fit for how we could work together. The standard services I offer are detailed below.


The Financial Checkup is a two-session package for those who would like a professional, neutral, outside perspective on their financial situation. We start with a deep-dive strategy session where we review your status quo, identify your pain points, and begin to scope out what you want to accomplish. You will leave with actionable takeaways to get you moving towards your goals. We then meet again a month later for a check in meeting to see how things are going. After the two Financial Checkup sessions, you can decide whether you would like to continue working together with additional sessions. 

Pricing: $600 for two sessions.


The Organize and Optimize program is for those who need and desire the support, guidance, and accountability of somebody walking alongside them as they begin to make changes in their financial life. We start together at the beginning and figure it all out together, step by step. Together, we will:

  • Figure out where your money is going
  • Explore your goals, priorities, and values
  • Put together a workable spending plan aligned with your priorities and values
  • Set up sustainable and automated systems to move you towards your goals
  • Simplify your finances so you feel more in control and less overwhelmed
  • Take action to reduce your debts and increase your savings
  • Set a strong foundation for long-term financial success
  • Connect you to other financial professionals for additional support as needed

Pricing: $2,800 for ten sessions. After the initial package, clients can choose to purchase additional sessions to continue working together, or move to monthly or quarterly check-in meetings.


The Visualize Your Money Package is for those who want a beautiful and understandable visual report of how they spent their money in the past year. Clients can either supply their own business or personal dataset, or work with me to create the dataset first.

The Buy a Home Package is for those who are exploring purchasing a new home and would like help thinking through how much house to buy. There are so many financial decisions to make when purchasing a home, and many have long-term and large financial implications. Can you afford to buy a home? Should you choose a 20-year mortgage, or a 30-year mortgage? Fixed rate or adjustable rate? How much money should you put down? How does the process work anyway? It can be really beneficial to have a neutral third party help you sort it all out and think through your priorities as you embark on one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.

The First Job Package is for those who are just embarking on their independent financial journeys and would like support setting up good systems from the get-go. This is a great alternative graduation gift to help set up your new grad for future financial success.

The Tiller Set Up Package is for those DIY clients who would like some expert support in setting up, maintaining, and troubleshooting their personal Tiller Money account. I can get you up and running sooner so that Tiller can start generating valuable insights into your spending habits. (Please note: Untangle Your Money is in no way affiliated with Tiller Money.)

The Easy Business Books Package is for those small business owners who have outgrown managing their business using a spreadsheet but have a simple business structure and don’t need a complicated solution that requires you to learn a new software package or hire outside support for monthly upkeep. We will work together to get you up and running quickly with an automated spreadsheet, and most importantly, keep your system simple so you can manage it yourself going forward, saving you time and money. If you’ve tried using QuickBooks in the past and got overwhelmed, this could be a good solution for you.

If there is Something Else you have in mind, feel free to schedule an introductory call to further discuss what you are looking for. I’d be happy to design a custom package for you.