Help with Tiller Money

Are you spinning your wheels trying to figure out what categories to use? Are you struggling to figure out how to use AutoCat to save you time and effort? Do you want to bring years of data over from another tool and feel overwhelmed? I can help!

The Tiller Money Help set up package is for those clients who would like expert support in setting up their personal Tiller Money account. I can get you up and running sooner to save you valuable time and allow Tiller to start generating insights into your spending habits.

The Tiller Money set up package includes:

  • Four 90-minute work sessions tailored to your exact needs to get your Tiller Money account up and running smoothly
  • My curated framework of Tiller categories and groups so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • My tried and true configuration to best track your income & expenses and your assets & debts
  • My effective set up to view your spending on a monthly, annual, and multi-year basis
  • My Tiller data secrets to get full insight into your Amazon and Venmo transactions
  • My best practices for effective upkeep and maintenance
  • Customized homework, if you want homework – some people do, and some people don’t – either is OK!
  • Two months of email support to ask me questions as you run into roadblocks

In my experience, four sessions is the right amount of time for most people to get a Tiller set up working well with a year’s worth of past data, but the exact amount of time needed will depend on the complexity of your personal situation, the degree of customization you desire, and the amount of time you want to put in on your own between sessions. 

The price of the base package is $1,600. Additional sessions will be billed on an as-needed basis.

Additional Services:

  • After we have finished your set up, I can help you with maintenance, troubleshooting, and accountability to keep you on track over the longer term with ongoing monthly coaching services.
  • If you’d like to outsource some of the heavy lifting of data categorization, I can take some of the work off your plate to save you valuable time.
  • I can build custom reporting and analytics to help you better understand your data and keep track of exactly the metrics that are important to you to reach your most important goals.
  • I can help you migrate large amounts of data from previous platforms you may have been using, such as from or other budgeting tools.
  • Please reach out via email if you need more limited troubleshooting help rather than a full set up, and we can discuss hourly help services.

Let's get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you compensated?

I am fee-only, meaning that my compensation comes only directly from the fees paid by my clients. I do not receive referral fees or commissions from any products or services I may recommend to you, nor do I sell financial products of any kind. My fees are transparent and up front so you always know exactly how much you are paying me. You are also the only one paying me, and as a result I only recommend what is in your best interest at all times. Untangle Your Money is in no way affiliated with Tiller Money. I am not an employee of Tiller Money, nor do I receive any commissions or compensation from Tiller; I just love their tool!

Where do we meet?

We will meet online over Zoom.

What tools will we use?

We will collaborate primarily via Zoom and Google Sheets. You will need a Gmail account in order to access Google Sheets with your Tiller account, and a computer with a webcam to access Zoom.

What will happen in a typical meeting?

In a typical meeting, we will collaborate via screen share where you will share your screen, and we will look at your information together. I can request access to your screen so that I can type on your screen from my computer. This is an efficient and effective way for us to collaborate!

Is my data secure with you?

By design, I do not ever have any of your financial information in my possession. The information we review together will be saved on your own computer or in a cloud system owned by you. I will not have any of your passwords, log in details, account numbers, credit card numbers, or any other sensitive financial information at any time. Your data will always remain your own. You can share your Google Sheet with me if you wish (but also is not required for us to work together), and you can also revoke access at any time.

Why do you like Tiller Money?

I don’t just like Tiller — I love Tiller! (And no, they don’t pay me anything to say that.) Why do I love Tiller? Tiller is the most flexible tool available to track your money. At the end of the day, no app can do what a spreadsheet can do. With a spreadsheet, only your imagination is the limit! The other great thing is the fact that you always own your own data in your own spreadsheet, rather than having your data locked in an app.

The only downside is that with this great flexibility and unlimited customizability, it can be difficult to get started as the options are endless. That is where I can help! I will listen to what you need, combined with my experience of what works well for most people and my spreadsheet skills honed over many years of experience in data analytics and data visualization, and we will create a customized solution that is just right for you.

I'd like to work with you. What are the next steps?

Great! You can use the calendar link embedded above to schedule a free intro call to meet me, or send me an email at if you know you’d like to go ahead and get started. Once you have decided to move ahead, I will send you a contract to review and sign, an invoice to pay, and a link to schedule your sessions.